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Guest Contact Email:

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Bio: US Army veteran and mother of 4. I’m a singer/songwriter and producer. My goals are to open a commercial public studio for local musicians or people simply interested in the music business.

Guest Name: EMPRESS

Guest Contact Email:

Guest Website URL:

Bio: At four-years-old, my life was changed when my hands touched the black and white keys on a keyboard for the first time. My love for music evolved into a career as a professional dancer, and I was one of the youngest members of the San Francisco Ballet. After eleven years in SF Ballet, I moved to New York City where I performed on Broadway as the lead in the Tony Award winning production of An American in Paris. Today, my career comes full-circle, as I create music as a singer/songwriter – but I’ll never stop dancing.

Possible interview questions:

What was it like to be a professional ballerina?
How did you find your voice in the silent world of ballet?
What kind of diet were you on while dancing?
How did you make it on Broadway?
What is your schedule like as a Broadway performer?
What is it like being a singer/songwriter?
Which profession is your favorite between Ballet, Broadway and music?
How did you come up with the stage name EMPRESS?
Why are you starting your own record label to support women in music?
When did you start writing music?
When did you meet your husband and is he supportive of your artistic career?
Where does your creativity come from?
You’ve transitioned between three very different artistic careers, how did you do it?

Guest Name: Jeffrey Bryan

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Guest Website URL:

Bio: Jeffrey Bryan – Born and raised in Los Angeles. Was a teen in the 80’s pursing a solo music career, playing clubs like the Roxy, Wiskey-a-Go-Go, Madam Wongs and every where on the famed Sunset strip and beyond. During this time Jeff landed various Films and TV appearances (aka Jeff Fishman) including The Karate Kid and Hot Moves.

He is a composer, singer, keyboard player & guitar player. He sang live on the Merv Griffin Show at the age of 15 and was producing music for local shows including the “Not Too Young For Prime Time Players” at the Roxy on Sunset. After being signed to A&M (Almo-Irving Publishing) as a staff writer, Jeff continued to grow as a musician & performer. He has formed many pop rock groups including the SunLions, with whom he recorded 2 albums and performed in numerous venues, opening for Classic Rock Artists such as E.L.O. and Great White.

As a singer Jeff studied privately with Nate Lam for 6 years and Everette Gordon (Boston Phil Harmonic conductor and Musical Director for the Carpenters) for 8 years. He has worked with John Novello (Niacin and past Musical Director for Donna Summer), Francis Buckley (Grammy award winning producer/engineer) and has written music for dozens of independent productions including feature films such as Carnal Crimes (HBO) & Reunion (currently winning awards on the independent circuit).

He is currently Keyboardist for the band SURVIVOR, past Musical Director and Keyboardist for Clive Farrington (When In Rome), playing with The K-Tel All Stars and world reknown percussionist C.G. Ryche.

In the Studio Jeff is currently composing music for dozens of Cable TV shows (TLC, DISCOVERY, BRAVO, GAME SHOW NETWORK, including The Bachelor, Pawn Stars, The New Price Is Right and is playing keyboards & writing for new artists.

Possible interview questions:

What equipment do you use?
Music questions?
Songwriting questions?
Performing questions?

Guest Name: Alex Amato

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Guest Website URL:

Bio: Born in Massachusetts, Alex has had a drive for music since being exposed to various diverse musical influences from a young age including: country, classic rock, classical, pop and R&B. Coming from a musical family of singers, including his two older sisters that were featured on American Idol, Alex did not attempt to sing a note of music until he began playing acoustic guitar as a senior in high school. Now about 4 years later, Alex is a senior at UMASS in Amherst, Massachusetts, playing local gigs from cafes to bars. Since Alex has numerous amounts of original content from his EP and unreleased music, he hopes to book larger venues and spread throughout the United States and beyond.

Possible interview questions:

What inspired you to write your EP?
What made you want to pursue a career in the music industry?
How do you stand out as a country-pop artist in 2019?

Guest Name: Joshland Shervette

Guest Contact Email:

Guest Website URL: Website

Bio: Joshland Shervette, the female recording artist originally from Sacramento, CA, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada has created her own self-proclaimed genre, called “Spiritual Soul” Music. Although Joshland Shervette is not married and has no children, she ministers to women who have problems with men and self-esteem through her “Spiritual Soul” Music. This musical brand gives spiritual guidance for soul issues. Her “no-nonsense” and “tell it like it is,” self-written lyrical content is definitely NOT for traditional, Sunday morning church goers.

At a very early age, Joshland’s Shervette’s mother realized she had a natural gift for quickly memorizing songs and singing them. So, she encouraged her to sing her first solo in church at the age of 4 years old. While being rasied listening to nothing but gospel music in the house, Joshland Shervette was deeply influenced by The Rance Allen Group, who is her favorite singing group of all time because they sing about issues that affect our daily lives. Secular music was always of interest to Joshland Shervette. Even though the church said it was wrong to listen to it, she found other ways to keep herself abreast by watching music videos and music awards shows on television, as well as reading magazines. This way, she could still hear secular music and still feel she was obedient to the church. But before graduating from California State University Sacramento, with her BA Degree in Communications Studies, she realized God was not condemning her for listening to secular music; it was the church. So, she began listening to both secular and gospel music regularly—-and by combining both genres, “Spiritual Soul” Music was created.

In being obedient to God by closing her fashion boutique in Sacramento, CA, Joshland Shervette started a production company called High Hill Productions. This company controls Joshland Shervette’s music catalog, CD and media projects, distributes her memorabilia, offers guidance to other recording artists in their careers, and assists them in writing and creating original material for their projects.

Joshland Shervette’s debut single, entitled STOP! includes two songs. The first track,Stop! is the up-tempo, finger-pointing, opinionated song that teaches the lesson that God don’t like ugly! While the second track, Everything, is smooth sounding with melodically structured vocals explaining how valuable and important the Lord is. STOP! has created a mouth-watering frenzy among listeners for Joshland Shervette’s second CD. This extended play project entitled, SET ASIDE: The EP, contains five songs concerning the same subject matter, and has been released January 1, 2012. She is planning her third release, which will be her first full length album entitled, I’m Just Sayin’ in the fall of 2015.

Joshland Shervette continues to transcend the barriers of established musical genres through her own brand of “Spiritual Soul” music.

Possible interview questions:

Your genre of music is called Spiritual Soul. What is Spiritual Soul music?

Where did you come up with the title of your new CD?

What are some of the subjects you discuss on your CD entitled, “I’m Just Sayin’ “?

Normally artists do not cover these types of issues in their music. What made you want to tackle these issues in your own music?

How did you come to be an independent artist in the music industry?

How do you feel about the opportunities for you as an independent artist?


Guest Name: Robert Kramer

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : An accomplished stage and studio musician and composer, Robert Kramer has been a mainstay on the mid-west music scene for over 20 years. His vocal and compositional styles have been compared to such artists as Sting, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen & others. He is skilled in keyboards, guitars, vocals and composition from many styles of music from rock and pop to blues, jazz, classical, orchestral and folk. Kramer has independently produced and released a number of solo projects, and has performed on and produced other artists releases.

Although starting his career in the early 70’s as a musician for other bands, he became involved writing avante-garde novelty rock/jazz music loosely based on the compositions of Frank Zappa & the early Mothers of Invention and toured with the theatrical show band “Dr. Bizarro & The Disgustos”. Performing mostly for custom vanner festivals, playing in front of as many as 10,000 or more in outdoor venues, the act had an ever-changing line-up, and despite a growing fanbase among the vanner crowd, a mention of the band and its fanbase in Rolling Stone, and a brief re-union in the early 90’s, the group dis-banded, but not before recording an as-yet officially unreleased series of studio albums. Plans are still in the works to release the bands catalog of over ten albums worth of material.

“During my years with Bizarro/Disgustos, I learned to hone my skills playing in front of large audiences. The band never made much money, but we had some of the best times of our lives…we did it because we loved playing and entertaining the crowds…” (Robert Kramer)

After a serious neck injury and surgery halted his performing career in the early 90’s, he continued to write music in his home studio, focusing his energy back to his original instrument, the keyboards. Fighting a series of personal health struggles, Kramer spent two years in recovery while beginning a whole new series of writing and recording projects, eventually leading him to expand his musical boundaries. In 2000, he went on to compose and record an all original classical renaissance album, “Songs Of Past Lives”, a collection of beautiful instrumental music that continues to garner high praise and airplay on new age, soundscape and classical broadcast and internet stations around the world.

In 2001, Kramer composed “Remember Their Lives”, the noted “basset rescue” soundtrack album for Guardian Angel Basset Rescues’ documentary film, which has gone on to help the organization to raise thousands of dollars over the years to support the efforts of many basset hound rescue groups both in the US and overseas. The album, now a classic among basset hound owners and supporters of rescue efforts, contains the novelty tune “Lets Go To The Waddle”, lyrics written by his wife Dona to which he wrote the melody in tribute to their basset hound “Flash”. The song and the album has since taken its’ place as a theme song used at many basset rescue events across the U.S. Kramer has donated his time and talent over the years to donate money and appearances to the cause.

Possible interview questions.: My work with Zappa frontman Napoleon Murphy Brock

Also, a good subject might be my “album in the works” concept of releasing an album a “chapter” or one song at a time. (in reference to how automated and cold the album/audience experience has become since the advent of “digital downloads”.) My attempt was to personalize the album listening experience and slow down the input to the audience, to let each song have a chance to be heard and appreciated more.

Any other items in my bio is fair game.
(had a broken neck some years ago interupting my music career)
About me writing music for film and tv.
My recent expansion into the new age & jazz music scene in New Orleans, thru Zone Music Reporter (ZMR). (think Will Ackerman, George Winston)
I am also a musician career activist in the way of producing a radio show for ArtistFirst Radio
to help fledgling musicians get pointed in the right direction in their careers.


Guest Name: Airport Impressions

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Guest website:

Bio : A six-month stay in the Ireland back in 2005 proved to be an important step in Airport Impressions’s journey which ignited a new spark in the way they went about writing songs, and which influences gradually surfaced to more prominence along the years. Since then the band clocked up countless awards including best band, album and songs over the years. Other international awards included best adult alternative category with ‘Berlin’ in the worldwide unsigned song writing competition based in the US.

Radio hits along the way included Borderline, Wake up, Walk with me, Hymns of June, Berlin and Star signs. The latest album Mariette perfectly captures the band’s musical journey to date; its twelve songs reflecting a versatility that has evolved over the years. Embracing pop and rock as much as it does country and indie folk, its songs blend all of these elements to find their own place on this record.

Airport Impressions are continuously raising their name even abroad and have already booked festivals for 2016 including UK Midstock festival which will be held in September.

TJ Leonard web

Guest Name: TJ Leonard

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : Swedish country singer/songwriter, TJ Leonard got his first guitar from his grandfather, when he was eight; he taught his grandchild to play Swedish folk music and evergreens. Soon, TJ was introduced to pop and blues through his cousin, who was a little bit older and played in a famous Swedish pop band. At eighteen, TJ became lead singer and guitar player in a dance band. Many genres have passed through TJ’s life: Jazz, hard rock, gospel, soul/r&b, but not until country music came along, did it feel like home.
Together with Tex Taylor, he started the band, CHESTNUT, in 2010. Later that year, they released their first single, “110% Country,” followed by the EP, American Dream. CHESTNUT played at most of the country festivals in Sweden and Denmark. In both 2012 and 2013, they were nominated in the Swedish Country Music Championships.
In late 2013, TJ decided to release his songs under his own name, TJ Leonard. TJ is a Top 50 Most Popular Artist, an Academy of Western Artists award nominee, a 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards nominee, and a Top 10 New Music Weekly charting artist with “Remember Those Times.” His latest single is “The River” from the album, High On Livin’ (MTS Records).

Possible interview questions.: Swedish country artist can offer insight on translating to US radio markets. He has had great chart success here, too. He’s an avid fly fisherman, as well.


Guest Name: Doc April

Guest contact email:

Guest website: N/A

Bio : My name is Doc April from South Africa in Cape Town, I was born 1977 October 26.
I am a local TV presenter in cape town doing a Xhosa programmer, Also a radio personality.
most of my time I have been so rounded by Gospel artist I normally playing their music.

Possible interview questions.: any question

Richard Lynch 2

Guest Name: Richard Lynch

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : Richard Lynch is an American country music artist, who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. The sounds of Richard Lynch are reminiscent of the classics that started it all. The same passion and raw truth that fueled the likes of Conway Twitty, Keith Whitley, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Hank Williams is sewn into the fabric of Richard Lynch. In a world of fabricated country stars, Richard Lynch stands out in the crowd as a proud member of the last of a dying breed, the pure country music artist. His rock solid country roots span 3 decades, it comes up with the sun each morning, and it settles in the music he writes and the songs he sings.. The spirit of Richard Lynch is that which is attached to the working man’s soul. It’s real and it’s timeless. It’s country, the way country was meant to be.

Living the life he sings about is what gives Richard Lynch the edge as a singer/songwriter. Richard is a hard working, blue collar man. He is a designer and builder of amazing barns, and as should be expected, he is an American farmer. His everyday life and paying his musical dues by performing at 100’s of events & shows a year, all across the country, is that which shaped him into a one-of-a-kind performer. Richard’s style is true and it carries into his live shows. Much like his music alone, a live performance of the Richard Lynch Band is something you feel. It’s something you carry with you when you walk away. If country music is a gift that sustains in our lives wherever we go, Richard Lynch is the messenger.

Backed by a group of hand selected country musicians, the Richard Lynch Band performs a wide variety of music for the true traditionalist. Ranging from pure country, western swing, rockabilly, outlaw country, and hard driving honky tonk, a Richard Lynch performance will surely warm your country soul.
Richard Lynch Band’s latest single is “A Better Place,” written by Billy Yates and Trent Tomlinson, and produced by Yates…at country radio now.

Possible interview questions.: Richard has worked with some top names in the country music industry, and can answer many questions about Nashville, and recording there. He also tours constantly, so questions about being on the road are welcome. His traditional style also bucks current trends, so that is always an interesting topic. He also has a foundation benefiting veterans, Love Tattoo Foundation

Kinderjazz band

Guest Name: Kinderjazz – Christobel Llewellyn

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : Whether you’re looking for ways to stimulate a developing young mind, you’d like to introduce children to the pleasures of music, or you just want your kids to have FUN, you’ll find Kinderjazz’s collection of blues, latin, ragtime, jazz, and swing music is perfect for girls and boys under the age of 12.
The one-of-a-kind swing band for children has performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the world, and their recorded music is specifically written to engage young children, while simultaneously appealing to adults of all ages. Parents love it because it is jazz and its educational in a fun way, grandparents love it because it takes them back. Children love the rhythms and enjoy the instruments.
Kinderjazz is a 12 piece fully acoustic swing orchestra, featuring some of the best musicians in Australia. They have opened Manly Jazz Festival in 1998, and since then, have performed at the Sydney Opera House, Daring Harbour, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Parramatta Stadium, to more than 10,000 families, Carols in the Domain 2000 on Channel 7, Stadium Australia and many major venues around Australia. They are currently nominated for a 2016 Indie Music Channel Award and three 2016 Libera Awards, including Album of the Year.
“We are passionately committed to bringing the magical world of music and its instruments to children of all ages.”

Possible interview questions.: Christobel is an extremely well spoken and intelligent guest. She can speak about music education, children, big band and jazz, and other topics from her bio. Being from Australia, she can offer a unique perspective on many issues.

Madelyn Victoria

Guest Name: Madelyn Victoria

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : Madelyn Victoria grew up in the deep south of Texas, in Harlingen, performing in public for the first time, during a local Christmas Pageant, at age 5. She continued performing and singing throughout her youth, at local competitions and pageants, earning awards and recognition as one of the area’s top young performers. Her songwriting career began at the age of 13, after becoming the lead vocalist at her church. In 2007, Madelyn competed in the Modeling Association of America International Competition and Convention in New York, where she won the vocal competition, singing Sara Evans’ “Real Fine Place to Start.” That same year, Madelyn auditioned to perform with the Radio Disney Superstars of Dallas, was selected, and opened for pop boy band sensation, The Jonas Brothers. In high school, Madelyn studied both Opera and Mariachi, winning accolades in both categories, all the while honing her guitar skills. In December of 2012, Madelyn performed in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood and at the NFR Rodeo) as the Shania Twain Sing-Off Contest Winner.
Madelyn has sung the National Anthem at United League games, and at local high school sporting events, political rallies, patriotic ceremonies, rodeos, and stock shows, including the 2009 Los Fresnos PRCA Rodeo in Los Fresnos, Texas where Madelyn Victoria was crowned the inaugural Rodeo Queen. This was one of many crowns she has earned including Cameron County Cowgirl, being named her high school’s homecoming queen, Miss Texas Homecoming Queen, and 2nd Runner Up for Americas Homecoming Queen.
More recently Madelyn Victoria and her band have opened for some of the biggest names in country music, including Easton Corbin, Turnpike Troubadours, Tracy Lawrence, Kevin Fowler, Clay Walker, Josh Thompson, Dustin Lynch, Zac Brown Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, and more. She is a Top 50 artist, too! Madelyn also gives back to her community, by volunteering at local Motor Training events for special needs children, singing to the children at hospitals and rehab centers and by starting her own annual event called “Octave Higher Christmas” for children.
Madelyn Victoria’s latest single release with Star 1 Records and MTS, is “He Only Loves Me on the Dancefloor.” It reached #1 on the national country AM/FM chart, New Music Weekly, winning an April 2016 Akademia Award for Best Country Song. The video reached the Top 5 Most Watched Videos chart, and it was nominated for a 2016 Libera Award in New York City. For more information, visit

Possible interview questions.: Madelyn can answer questions about her music career, pageants, religion, and charity work, focusing on points in her bio.

ryg 2

Guest Name: Ed Roman

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 400 stations, worldwide. Ed is a 2014 Artists Music Guild Award Nominee and a 2014 Artists In Music Award Nominee. He is also a 2014 International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a two-time 2015 IMEA Award nominee, a Josie Show Awards nominee, an Akademia Awards Winner, a 2016 Libera Awards nominee, and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. Ed has performed at the Red Gorilla Music Fest during SXSW, The Millennium Music Conference, and SS Cape May, and he has toured New York City and Philly in July 2015. Recently, this Top 100 and #1 Reverbnation artist traveled to Jamaica to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to the island, while shooting the music video for “Jamaica.” Ed is also a Heart Songs for Veterans artist, donating money to help veterans. His current album, Letters From High Latitudes (an homage to his Ontario home) is a critically-acclaimed vehicle for Ed’s socio-political, earthly-conscious and globally-aware messages. This earthy, funky and magical mix of music has earned Ed Roman airplay chart recognition and won over legions of fans around the world, known as “Ed Heads.”

Possible interview questions.: Ed is well-versed in many areas, especially in the worlds of music, politics, global issues, paranormal, conspiracy theories, gardening, cooking and more. Anything goes with this well-rounded and intelligent musician.


Guest Name: Colin Clyne

Guest contact email:

Guest website:

Bio : Colin Clyne is an award winning Scottish singer/songwriter (Country, Folk Rock, and Americana). Having spent 10 years in California, Clyne is now back in Scotland blazing a trail in the UK music scene. He left San Diego as a 2 time winner of ‘The Best Acoustic Act’ at the prestigious San Diego Music Awards. In the US, NBC featured Colin in a top 12 list of best singer songwriters associated with San Diego in amongst, Tom Waits, Jewel, and the late Jim Croce.
In addition to his previous album, “Doricana”, “The Never Ending Pageant” was produced by Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Alan Sanderson, (The Stones, Elton John, Ryan Adams, Burt Bacharach). ‘Pageant’ reached #6 on the iTunes Country album charts and his song “Top of the Mountain’ was a Finalist in the 2014 UK Songwriting contest. STV (Scottish TV) hailed Colin as a “…rising star of Scotland…” with ‘The Sun’ newspaper describing his latest offering as ‘…a glorious selection of folk and county rock numbers…’ akin to Ryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen.
Clyne has become a seasoned road vet, impressing crowds at venues ranging from Hollywood’s infamous Viper Room, to Scotland’s Tartan Heart Festival (Belladrum) and all manner of stages in between. Clyne appeared at the 2012 Stonehaven Hogmany Party in Scotland, where he opened the stage for International touring band The Red Hot Chilli Pipers in front of 6,000 party goers. He has also shared the stage with one of The US’s biggest Celtic bands, The Wicked Tinkers.
In the last year Colin Clyne has shared the stage with the likes of Dave Arcari, James Grant (Love & Money), Big Country, Donnie Munro, Skerryvore and performed at a VIP event for Elton John.
Radio play for Colin’s latest album continues to be celebrated with airplay on “Whispering” Bob Harris with BBC Radio 2, Keith Greentree with BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Tees, BBC Mereyside, BBC Hereford & Worceter, Amazing Radio, XFM, Best Country Radio (The Iceman), Roots & Fusion, Chris Country Radio, UKCountryRadio, Blues & Roots Radio and many more radio stations across the globe