Guest Name: Matt Lehman

Guest Contact Email: Finderslq@gmail.com

Guest Website URL: findersthrift.com

Bio: At the age of 38, I quit my job as a bartender and opened a thrift store with less than $1,000 in my pocket and about $5,000 in credit card debt an a monthly mortgage that was unforgiving. That was 7 years ago. Mostly, I buy and sell storage units like the TV show. and have plenty of interesting finds over the years like a prehistoric Whale rib bone, a signed Picasso lithograph, a real shrunken head, and rocket ignition keys and that doesn’t even begin to cover the bizarre people and the even more bizarre stuff they try to sell me at the shop, from used sex toys to stuff they find in MY dumpster! I have countless stories about that business and some of my other jobs over the years that include working in Production in Hollywood, property management (which included being part of one of the largest Ivory busts in history), and working as a DJ on a cruise ship.

Possible interview questions:

Best/worst/strangest thing I’ve found in an unit. How does it work? Most/least I’ve paid. What do you do with stuff you can’t sell.

Guest Name: Kimberly Love

Guest Contact Email: kimberly1313@gmail.com

Guest Website URL: www.kimmilove.com

Bio: Kimberly Love is a radio host on Crushing 40 on Impact Radio USA and author of You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine as well as a resiliency and empowerment coach for women.

Her radio show with 22,000 plus daily listeners showcases celebrities, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to women. Crushing 40 is about empowerment and helps women to learn to have fun and to go past fear to discover the life that they have always dreamed of. Kimberly travels the world as a digital influencer and continues to write fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Ontario with her daughter. Her fantasy series will be released this fall and she will be taking her story onto the big stage with international speaking.

Possible interview questions:
About my book or radio show?
How I’m changing women’s lives.

Guest Name: Jasmin Shojai

Guest Contact Email: joshschumacher@jasminshojai.com

Guest Website URL: www.JasminShojai.com

Bio: Jasmin Shojai is an internationally published model and emerging actress.
Maxim USA called the German & Persian beauty a “true international smoke show”
One of her biggest achievements up to date has been winning the national title of ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017 & 2018’
She has been featured in countless of magazines and Tv shows. Most notably her recent cover for Playboy Croatia, which also awarded her ‘Playmate of the Month’.
In total she has appeared in the Playboy Magazine franchise 6 times and still counting
In Australia she has been a guest star on Channel Ten’s ‘The Sunday Project’ & 101.3 Sea FM radio. You may also recognise her from Naked News in Canada
Jasmin has recently played roles in the US film ‘The Alliance’ and in an Australian mini series called ‘At the Phoenix’. Both are set to premiere this year.

Possible interview questions:

What made you want to become a model?
How is it like posing for Playboy & being a Playmate for the brand?
What are some of your biggest goals in the industry?
What kind of projects have you done so far in your acting care

Guest Name: Matt Wasserlauf

Guest Contact Email: Hayden@BenderGrouppr.com

Guest Website URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-wasserlauf-13360364/

Bio: Matt Wasserlauf is a pioneer in digital media industry and credited as the visionary who revolutionized advertising forever by enticing television advertisers to invest their marketing dollars online. Matt’s background is as rich as it is long; Co-Founder of Torrential, CEO of Broadband Enterprises (BBE), VP of Sales at The FeedRoom, Director of Sales for CBS, and on and on it goes. Matt is the current CEO and founder of Torrential, “tomorrow’s broadcast television for a mobile-first world.”

In 2004, Matt founded BBE, the industry’s first online video company. As CEO, he led the company’s development in three operating segments: the Vindico technology platform, content production & syndication, and ad sales. Vindico’s innovative technology architecture was the first video ad serving and measurement platform and continues to be the gold standard for advertising agencies and publishers today. Start-up SOLD, both in Kindle and hard-copy, tells the amazing story how Matt started, built and sold Broadband Enterprises (BBE).

Prior to founding BBE, Matt helped lay the foundation of today’s digital media industry as VP of Sales at The FeedRoom.

Before entering (and then revolutionizing) the domain of digital media, Matt worked as the Director of Sales for CBS.com where he delivered over $10 million in revenue and pioneered sales, selling websites including The Late Show with David Letterman and Survivor.

Possible Interview Questions: OTT (Over the Top Video) Advertising, Digital Advertising, Sales, Entrepreneurship, How to start and Sell A Start-Up.


Guest Name: Lorna Adams

Guest Contact Email: Lorna@LornaAdams.com

Guest Website URL: www.LornaAdams.com

Bio: I have been communicating with my Spirit Guides since I was a teenager. My communication with them for so many years was in preparation for the work I do today – offering psychic readings and connecting with those who have passed. Before a client arrives for a reading, I do a short prayer and meditation. This allows me to connect with you and your energy even before you arrive. It is during this time that your Spirit Guides will suggest a few topics we can discuss during your session. Many times Spirit will offer answers even before you have the chance to ask the question. Not only do I hear Spirit and those who have passed, but may times they speak to me with images and pictures – in this case a picture really is worth a thousand words. My desire is to assist those, who come to me, to find more peace in their lives – more joy, and a deeper understanding of life’s lessons.

Possible interview questions: What is the point of having a reading? How can you tell if a Psychic is the real deal? Why do dead people want to speak with us? Why is this not an exact science? What if I don’t know what I want out of a reading? Why do you think you were given this ability? Can anyone do what you do? How can a Spirit Guide help me with my life? Why do they want to help……

Guest Name: Etderick Bettie

Guest Contact Email: e_bettie@yahoo.com

Guest Website URL: IamEtderick.com

Bio: Etderick Bettie was born on November 29th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His family roots run from Liberia. He’s very ambitious and set out to break every limitation that will and ever be placed on him. Etderick is calm, but not afraid of being bold and speaking his mind. Etderick is a leader called to raise leaders. He is down to earth, approachable, and everyone’s friend, but has this exclusive vibe to him. He literally uses everything he does to bring inspiration to someone. He’s able to bring inspiration to anyone no matter the situation. He’s very optimistic even when his own life gets very real. Which leads to the motto he lives by: “Always keep going no matter what happens.” Etderick has a few difficult situations that helped shaped him into the vibrant person that’s set to have a global impact. Some of these include watching his father walk out and starting another family, loss of his closest cousin, and a family that was falling apart, almost losing his life just to name a very few. Etderick is a empath so it makes these types of things quite difficult because you can literally feel the weight of not only your situations, but everyone else. But as Etderick would say “always keep going no matter what.” He did just that by creating a worldwide community project: As My World Turns. This is a TV drama highlighting problems that teenagers face. Once the project is done the team will be connecting with youth groups and community focused organizations around the world to distribute the project with them free of charge. Many have come to work on this project because they needed something positive to create with the negative energy in their life including the Executive Producer / Director, Etderick. Besides this big task Etderick is a student majoring in Computer Engineering, drummer for his church, mentor, and motivational speaker. Etderick carries so much dignity and respect that elders take advice from him. He’s said to be a “role model to society”. Being held at such standards, and a lot of work to do continuously mindful of the decisions he makes. Etderick graduated from Osseo Senior High in 2014. He hopes to visit poor countries and open engineering firms for ambitious engineers to get resources to advance their place of home. A man of many talents he’s constantly working to improve his life, due to the increase of responsibilities he has. With all that he’s accomplished he remains who he is, because he knows the reason why he started this work. Thus why people love to around him. A respected young man among others not just his peers. An African man with a vision for his generation with a solution, he is Etderick.

Possible interview questions: Anything about me, and As Myou World Turns. (My current production)


Guest Name: Charles and Linda Musselwhite

Guest contact email: LC@funlovingcouples.com

Guest website: http://www.FunLovingCouples.com

Bio : Charles and Linda were high school sweethearts both coming from the proverbial broken home. They vowed early on in their relationship to stick it out through thick and thin no matter what.

Linda and Charles, sleep together, eat together, work together, etc… and are typically less than 6′ apart 24/7/365! Almost 30 years later Charles and Linda’s marriage THRIVES having weathered the storms of marriage, kids, businesses, homes, finances, family issues, you get the picture and with their latest venture FLC, they love to speak about those issues that can “get in the way” of marriage and partnerships.

Today they share their tips and tactics to growing, strengthening, and improving their marriage. Learning to spend so much time together is an art and a science.

Possible interview questions.: What is the #1 challenge couples face today?
How can couples strengthen their relationships?
What are some of the obstacles relationships face?
What are some strategies and tactics for strengthening relationships?
What can couples do to maintain a thriving relationship?
Is it possible to work together and have a good marriage?
How do you grow stronger everyday (even after years of being together)?

Summer Helene

Guest Name: Summer Helene

Guest contact email: bts@summerhelene.com

Guest website: http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2514/behind-the-scenes

Bio : Summer Helene:

Executive Vice President of California Pictures at Paramount Summer Helene is not only one of the youngest executives in Hollywood history, she will soon be announcing her place as one of the few women and the youngest studio head in Hollywood history!

Born in Lakewood, California, Summer Helene moved to Australia when she was just six weeks old. While she has been in the entertainment industry all of her life, her career officially began when she was chosen as a Victoria Secret Model at just 17 years of age. After a short, but very successful modeling career, Summer Helene changed gears and easily made the often difficult transition into feature films and television. While on the set of ‘Slaughter Party’ Actor Ron Jeremy convinced her to give up a successful film career and get into the film ‘business’. One week later Summer Helene was an assistant to a producer and on her way to becoming one of the few female power houses in Hollywood. Summer Helene’s tenacity, demeanor and her uncompromising style earned her the nickname “The Duchess of Hollywood”. “The Duchess”, is known for her ability to “get any film made” and is often asked to share her experiences in H​​ollywood on Television and radio shows, as well as on panels at Comicon and most major film festivals. On Friday nights Summer Helene shares her experiences as the host of the wildly successful radio show “Behind the Scenes”. “Behind the Scenes” helps both aspiring and experienced entertainers easily navigate the Hollywood machine.

Throughout her 15 year career Summer Helene has won multiple awards and worked with Mountain Pictures, Moon River Cinema, Discovery and Paramount Pictures, as well as working with award winning directors Owen Land (George Landow), Michael Burton, Emmy Award winning writer Dev Ross and Composer Vasily Shumov. While working with Dev Ross (The Land before Time, Darkwing Duck), Summer Helene spearheaded a new television format with ‘The Rocks’ a groundbreaking Television Series supported by the C​ity of Sedona. Using this new format Summer Helene has helped celebrities and filmmakers bring their dreams to both the big and small screen. A noted feminist and philanthropist Summer Helene often uses her Hollywood friends and connections to support animal and children’s charities.

Summer Helene l​ives with​ ​her​ ​​two ​Adopted children in Los Angeles, ​​ ​California.

Possible interview questions.: Nothing is off limits.


Guest Name: Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Guest contact email: TheBigGameHunter@gmail.com

Guest website: http://www.JobSearchCoachingHQ.com

Bio : Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a professional recruiter for what seems like 100 years. He is the Head Coach at JobSearchCoachingHQ.com, has written 8 ebooks and a dozen guides to job search and hiring, created more than 1000 videos about job hunting, is the host of Job Search Radio and No BS Job Search Advice Radio and has blogged about the job market since August 2001.

Possible interview questions.: Anything about job search, writing resumes, interviewing (a great specialty), salary negotiation and everything in the middle.