Guest Name: David Wakeen

Guest Contact Email: davewakeen@gmail.com

Guest Website URL: www.911andtheworldtoday.com

Bio: David Wakeen was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, home of America’s Industrial Revolution. He was raised in the adjacent town of Tewksbury. In 1984 he graduated Merrimack College with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a concentration in economics. He attended one semester of graduate school studying advanced math and computer science. After becoming frustrated with the limitations of the university system he spent decades independently studying a vast array of diversified subjects including alternative energy, aquaculture, economics, finance, history, insurance, international treaties, law, medicine, meteorology, music, politics, and taxes.
David was a member of the Massachusetts Inventors Association and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management’s Entrepreneurs Association where he finished second in the annual business development competition.
In 1999 he worked as a strategic adviser for the country of Nicaragua after hurricane Mitch took the lives of 3,300 people and devastated a large portion of the country’s infrastructure. Then in September of 2001 he had the honor to work as a Ground Zero volunteer running a large portion of the supply lines necessary to keep the massive rescue operation flowing smoothly.
David is an insurance specialist in the oil and gas industry and works as an independent insurance adjuster helping victims of hurricanes and other major disasters. He is also an author, business, internet, and personal consultant, as well as an entrepreneur, inventor, motivational speaker, musician, and philosopher.
In 2016 he founded Wakeen Labs where he builds new products and technologies that enhance the world and provide for a better environment.

Possible interview questions:

What has happened to our country?
Who controls the US and how?
What is the outlook for America and our way of life?
Why is the MSM attacking Trump?
What is the true reason for war?