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Guest Name: Mike Veny

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Bio: Mike is fiercely committed to wellness, suicide prevention, and helping people work together more smoothly. If you are looking for a proven speaker who can address the stigma surrounding mental health and deliver a corporate drumming event, then you have come to the right place.

With 15 years of experience electrifying audiences and making meeting planners look good, his mission is to empower people to connect authentically.

Mike’s path to becoming a public speaker became evident at an early age. He convinced the staff at psychiatric hospitals to discharge him three times during his childhood. In addition to being hospitalized as a child, he was expelled from 3 schools, attempted suicide, and was medicated in efforts to reduce his emotional instability and behavioral outbursts. By the fifth grade, Mike was put in a special education class. Aside from getting more individualized attention from the teacher, he learned that pencil erasers make a great sound when tapped on a desk. He had no idea that drumming would become his career or his path to recovery. He delivers entertaining, engaging, and educational experiences to conferences and events throughout the world.

Possible interview questions:

What is the stigma surrounding mental health?
Why do you think that the stigma surrounding mental health exists?
How can people learn to have more healthy interactions and work with each other more effectively?
What are the benefits of drumming?

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Guest Name: Kathy Gruver, PhD

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Bio : Kathy Gruver, PhD is an award-winning author and hosted the national TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet (winner Beverly Hills Book Awards). She has earned her PhD in Natural Health and has authored five books including, Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker, Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques (Winner Indie Excellence Awards, Beverly Hills Book Awards, Global E-book Awards, Irwin Awards, Finalist for the USA Best Books Award), Journey of Healing (Winner USA Best Book Awards, Beverly Hills Book Awards, Pinnacle Awards and the non-fiction category of the London Book Festival) and she co-wrote Market my Practice.
She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, More, Women, Wall Street Journal, CNN, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post,, Ladies Home Journal, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, First, and Women. Dr. Gruver has appeared as a guest expert on over 250 radio and TV shows including NPR, SkyNews London, Every Way Woman, Morning Blend in Las Vegas, CBS Radio, and Lifetime Television, and has done over 200 educational lectures around the world for everyone from nurses in the Middle East to 911 dispatchers in New Orleans, corporations around the US and teachers in her own backyard. She just completed work on a project for the military to create and institute a stress reduction program. For fun and stress relief Dr. Gruver does flying trapeze and hip hop dance.
A past winner of NAWBO’s Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards, Kathy maintains a massage and hypnotherapy practice in Santa Barbara, Calif. She has also produced an instructional massage DVD, Therapeutic Massage at Home; Learn to Rub People the RIGHT Way™ and is a practitioner with over 25 years of experience. Her award-winning book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet was turned into a national talk show. More information can be found at

Possible interview questions.: Questions related to stress, mind/body medicine, visualization, affirmations, mindfulness, massage, nutrition, hypnotherapy, building your practice and marketing, as well as dance and flying trapeze for health.

What is stress?
Why is stress not the problem?
For people who find meditation difficult, what is the solution?
How can our daydreams affect our health?
There is power in positive thought, how can we use that to our benefit?
What should we add and subtract to our diets for better health?
How can we customize our physical activity to maximize benefits?
What are some of the benefits of massage?
How do you find a qualified practitioner?
How can hypnosis help you be healthier?
What are some of the warning signs of stress?
What are the different types of massage and what do they do?
Marketing: How can you use radio and TV to promote your practice?
How to take a great headshot
How can I craft a good elevator speech?

Most topics related to health and wellness.


Guest Name: Lisa Crisalle

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Bio : Director of Marketing & CFO, Lisa Uman Crisalle, CFNS brings more than 20 years experience in marketing, branding and coaching to the fields of health and nutrition. After majoring in Exercise Physiology, she tied in her background in fitness to the business world. With a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing, Lisa continued in the fitness industry as an instructor and trainer for everything from swimming, skiing and martial arts, to aerobics, and indoor cycling.

After breaking out of the corporate world more than 10 years ago to work directly with her husband (internationally recognized nutrition expert, Lucho Crisalle) Lisa is determined to bring their company to the forefront of the nutrition and health community.

While Lucho developed one of the most highly recognized nutrition certification programs (the CEU accredited Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist home study program) and Online Custom Nutrition Software, Lisa helped bring these specialized products to the market, ultimately securing contracts with such corporations as Gold’s Gym International and Max Muscle Incorporated. They now focus their energy on coaching business owners and entrepreneurs on Monetizing their Nutrition Counseling programs and bringing these certification programs to personal trainers, coaches, health practitioners & health enthusiasts.

Possible interview questions.: Interview topics can include any of the following:

Health, fitness, nutrition
Entrepreneur experience, Event Management
Business, business coaching
Working with spouse (more than 10 years)